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This tool was created to improve the Unity editor for the “Dynamic Bone” Plugin created by Will Hong.

It extends the default editor with new copy, paste, export, and import buttons. These enable you to transfer the setting from one component to another but keep the gameobject references relative to the avatar animator.

It also adds a separate window which allows you to export the whole setup for a whole avatar. You can save these settings in a file and send them to other people.

On import, if a reference is not found the user is prompted to fill in the missing references.

This Tool was designed for dynamic bone version 1.2 or higher.

If you found any issues or bugs please report them here

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How to use the Tool

If you want to simply transfer a single Dynamic Bone setting, you can just use the new buttons located above the normal Dynamic Bone component: 

  • Copy config will copy the settings to your clipboard.
  • Paste config will paste those settings to the selected component
  • Save config will write the config to a file
  • Load config will load the setting from a given file and apply the settings

Colliders are saved as well and will be created and configured in the paste/load process.

If you want to save the setup for a whole avatar you can use the tool window:

In this window, you just place the animator of your avatar.

Then you can give a name and description to your config and export it.

You can also remove all Dynamic Bone components with the last button.

If you want to import settings you just press the “Open Settings File” button.

In the last step, you can verify that all transforms were found correctly. You can also overwrite some transform if you want to.

If you realize after your first import, that some colliders and radii are too big or small you can use the import scale to remedy this.

Finally, if you are happy with the settings hit the “Apply Settings” Button.