You are currently viewing HUD Shader 2.0

This package contains the new and improved HUD Shader version 2.0.

The main changes are:

  • All displays were merged into a single shader.
  • This leads to only using one material and draw-call on a complex watch-display.
  • So in total only 2 Materials and draw-calls per watch.
  • Added analog watch displays.
  • Added custom display type were you can map your own sprite-sheet to a given property.
  • A Help Menu on the shader with an FAQ than can be updated from within unity.

The rules from the old shader still apply:

  • No real-time (Yet. If we get a nice global variable from the devs it will happen and i will update the shader for free)
  • The shaders will always show the information for the person looking at it.
  • The style of the display elements can be changed with your own textures.

This package also includes 17 example watches:

  • 6 unique watch designs. (including the reworked classic watch from version 1)
  • 3 additional colour variations of the „sports“ watch.
  • 8 watch-bases in the 3 combinations of armband, thickness and body with an easily customisable watch-face.

To use the watch on your avatar just import the unity package, drop the prefab on your avatars wrist and scale it to fit.

This Shader is depricated. You can find the newer version here

Here are 2 previews from the pack.

Since Sketchfab does not allow for custom shaders i had to emulate the shader by taking a screenshot of the watchface texture in unity.